Friday, March 9, 2012

Another year older...

So, my mom was a little upset by the fact that the cats out of the bag about the "Breakfast Club". (if you haven't read Censorship or maybe not you can do so here) She seems to think that I was exaggerating about how old we were when my brother and I watched the movie. Being the good daughter that I am, I would like to retract the statement that we were 7 and 4 and say that we were maybe around 9 and 6 years old. (she seems to think this is a more accurate reflection) She felt that the ages of 7 and 4 were a dig at her mothering skills. Your worried about your parenting skills being in question, when Spiro is learning about Hookers at bedtime and Billy is cursing at people in Greek?  In any case, I can say with confidence, we were not of the age that the Motion Picture Association of America recommends for an R-rated film.

Dear Spiro,
7 years old today, buddy. Hey, that was the age that Honey and Pop allowed me to watch the "Breakfast Club", oh wait...Wow, where did the time go. It seems like just yesterday that Daddy and I were on our way to the hospital excited, scared and completely naive to all the ways that you would change us and our lives forever. March 9th will always be a very special day to me, not just because it is your birthday but also it is the very first day that I was a Mommy.

You have taught Daddy and I so much in your 7 years. We have learned all about patience,  how to survive on just a few hours of sleep, unconditional love, to always shield when changing a baby boy's diaper, selflessness... We learned from you, many things that we never even knew existed inside of us and Daddy and I will always be grateful for the knowledge you have provided.

We are so proud of you, Spiro. You amaze us everyday with your kind spirit and willingness to help others. Please don't ever lose those qualities. Remember that it is okay to let loose once in a while. The only advice I have for you right now is to not be so hard on yourself and always stand up for yourself, even if it is a little scary to do so. It's okay to have a "yellow" day once in a while, don't worry we all have them.

You are an amazing brother. I see how protective you are of Billy, especially when we are away from our house. I know it is tough at times to have a little brother, Mommy has one too. He bothers you and ruins your toys sometimes and you both get angry at one another but in time I can promise that he will become your biggest supporter and one of your best friends, just like Mommy and Uncle Tim. Just be sure that you are that for him also.

You are growing up so fast. Sometimes I get scared about all the crazy things in the world and that one day soon you will be confronted with them. Remember, that Daddy and I trust you and your judgement and that trust is a very difficult thing to find again once it has been lost. Fear can keep you safe but sometimes it prohibits us from doing what feels right in our hearts. Don't let fear ever stop you from doing what you feel is right. Daddy and I will always help you conquer fear, we are getting pretty good it at by now.

We hope this birthday and every birthday is as magical and special for you, as it was the day you joined this world. Happy 7th Birthday, my love. We love you to the moon and back


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  1. tears in my eyes - just beautiful, Shann! Happy Birthday, Spiro!