Thursday, February 23, 2012

Billy wants a Baby

Last year while I was holding my Soul Sister's baby, Billy walked into her living room and in a very accusing, jealous tone asked me "Why you hold that baby?". After I explained to him that I was holding him for a few moments while my Soul Sister was busy, he shot back "Put that baby in his crib." So, you can imagine my surprise when just a few weeks ago he announced that he "wants a baby".

For the past few weeks, he asks me over and over "When can we get a baby?", Spiro overheard him one night and scolded him by saying "You can't just go get a baby, Billy. You get one, when you get one!" I of course just second that notion and was all "Yeah Billy, What Spiro said!" Billy explained to him, "no, we can get one like when we got Luca". Luca is our dog. We got him last year from a farm run by a nice Mennonite couple in Pennsylvania.  Both my boys have been taught that they grew in my belly and I am not sure where he developed this notion that they are handing out babies in Amish Country but I am fairly certain that is frowned upon in Pennsylvania. I explained to him again that he and Spiro grew in my belly and that I went to the hospital for a doctor to take each of them out.

I was telling my husband about Billy's sudden interest in having a baby the other day because ironically enough, it is something that the hubby and I have been discussing. I told him we need to make a decision this month because my Mirena needs to either be replaced or taken out because it has been five years. He looked at me quite puzzled and said "It hasn't been 5 years Shannon, Billy is only 4". Now, I am still not sure where I was going with my response to him, but I very arrogantly explained to him that Billy wasn't one when he was born and that I think I am aware of the specifics of really important things, like objects currently inside my body, and if he would just take the time to do the math, my Mirena was put in in 2008 and now it is... I think he could see the lightbulb finally go off over my head.  He just started shaking his head because to say I struggle with math is an understatement and my husband is like Dustin Hoffman in "Rainman" when it comes to numbers. Seriously, I can give him any exit on 695 and he can tell me the the exit number. Yeah, it freaked me out a little too. Here, I had been preparing myself for the "big third child decision" for the past year. (yes people, for an entire year I was unable to count to 5 properly) For some reason my brain just can't comprehend numbers. I think the fact that I am responsible for helping Spiro with his math homework is questionable at the very least and to be quite honest, probably bordering on negligent. I will, however, add that Geometry came quite natural for me the second time I took the class.

So now we have a little more time to think things through  I know that no time will ever be the perfect time, but with our house for sale and possibly moving... This exact moment may not be the best time to begin adding to our chaotic family. We have already discussed with my in-laws the probability that we would need to move in with them for a few months if our house sold, until we found our new house. While they are very gracious and happy to open their home to us, I just have visions of us showing up and invading their house like a tornado invades some poor, unsuspecting, Midwestern town. We're Here! - the dog is going to destroy your gardens and yard, the kids will probably spill things all over your house, Billy might pee in your bed, plan on not having any hot water while we're here and Oh, by the way did we forget to mention that I'm pregnant, so don't bank on getting any sleep during our stay, as well. But thanks again, we really appreciate your hospitality.

 For now, we will remain a family of four and hopefully in a few months we will have a better understanding of the path that we are meant to take. I would, however, be interested in any advice or information you have to offer concerning going from 2  to 3 children. Please feel free to comment at the end of this post, or on my facebook page here. I really am anxious to here from all of the moms (and dads) that have taken the plunge and gone from 2 to 3 children. (or for the football fans, gone from a man to man to a permanent zone defense)

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