Friday, February 10, 2012

Mommy Mondays

I really have enjoyed "finding my voice" this last month on Secrets of an Almost Supermom. I have decided to to see if any other Moms out there would like to find theirs. We are all so different but at the same time still the same and I would like to take the opportunity to celebrate each Mom. Going forward I will be featuring "Mommy Mondays" on my blog. This is an official invite for any of the Moms who would like to write a guest post to be featured on my page. Your post can be about anything, things you have learned from other mothers, your feelings about being a mother, funny anecdotes... The sky is the limit. If you are interested, just shoot me a quick message on my facebook page and don't forget to "Like" my page while you are there. I already have one Mommy working on her post and I am so excited for her to share her story with you.  I will also take Mondays as an opportunity to share some of the awesome Moms I come across as well!

Have a Great Weekend!

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